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Saving together - tourist water saving program

Reminding visitors to our region of the importance of using our water resources responsibly is the aim of our 'saving together' campaign, which provides resources to support accommodation providers in the area.

The program provides shower hangers and stickers to tourism and accommodation providers to support them in promoting a water conscious message to visitors.

We ask our communities each summer to do their bit to reduce pressure on our water supplies by taking part in the summer water saving program, which limits outdoor water use to the hours before 9am and after 4pm.

The Saving Together program is about those who visit our region doing their bit by using our water resources responsibly during their stay.

To assist, MidCoast Water has designed resources to promote a water saving message and, in some cases a general message about caring for our environment.

Available are:

Shower hangers – two double sided designs:

  • 1) Tell us – please report any water leaks to management/Help us – protect our waterways during your stay.

  •  2) Conserve our water – you can save a bucket a minute by taking shorter showers/Care for our catchment/Please look after our environment while enjoying your stay

Stickers – range of six designs – 2.5cm wide by 6cm long and can be placed near handbasins, on toilet cisterns, appliances etc.

  • Am I full ? Please operate only with a full load (washing machine)

  • Reduce your use – cut your shower time by two minute to save 18 litres

  • Please use the half  flush – save up to three litres per flush

  • Turn off the tap – while brushing your teeth or shaving

  • Am I leaking or dripping? Please report to …

  • Plug it! Don’t wash up with a running tap

For accommodation providers interested in accessing the resources, contact MidCoast Water on 6592 4813 or email community@midcoastwater.com.au