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Who We Are and What We Do

A comprehensive booklet about MidCoast Water and our operations.
Revised 2017 edition available now!

Available on the Who We Are and What We Do page.


Getting to know the Manning River: a brief for primary school teachers

A four page introductory document about the Manning River and some of the issues it faces, with sample class questions/ discussion prompts at the end. For additional information or clarification of any points email education@midcoastwater.com.au.

Download PDF (400 KB)


About the Manning River Catchment - an extract from Working With Our Catchment

A six page document outlining features of the catchment; including a description, landuse and tenure, morphology, soils and geology, climate, and hydrology.

Download PDF (1 MB)

Download the full document on the Manning River catchment page.


Poster water supplyPoster sewerWater supply and sewer operations posters

Colourful posters showing how drinking water gets to our homes and what happens to it after we've used it.

Download PDF (300 KB)



Learn with Whizzy

A booklet of fun education activities for primary aged children.

Available on the Resources for students page.


Water audit template for schools

Suitable for high school and late primary, used for students to track where water is being used in the school and identify leaks and where water can be saved. Some of the links below have other templates.

Download PDF (1.3 MB)




Explore the Manning catchment using Google Maps: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=za7kWc8NzpqU.kF4-00yDy_PU

Maps prepared by MidCoast Water, for education purposes only:

Manning Catchment water sourceMap Great Lakes drinking water catchmentsMap manning catchmentMap manning satelliteMap Manning basicMap Taree aerialMap Taree basic labelledMap Taree basic not labelledMap Taree contours

Teachers notes for the Manning River map package

Designed for high school teachers, the full Manning River map package is available on CD by request. There are two additional maps showing groundwater and groundwater dependent ecosystems, and wetlands which have been prepared by Hunter Local Land Services.

Download PDF (440 KB)


If these maps are not quite right for what you're after please email education@midcoastwater.com.au and we will see what we can do.


MidCoast Water Flickr page

Photos from around the Manning and Great Lakes catchments: http://www.flickr.com/photos/midcoastwater/
Hint: To see which photos have been mapped click the '...' button in the top right corner, and select Map. These photos are all covered by a creative commons licence so they are free to use for educational purposes.


MidCoast Water YouTube channel


Climate data and maps: Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Hint: to get maps for your desired time period select 'maps - recent conditions', then which parameter you're interested in, then choose your map, period and area and click next to 'archive'. It will come up with a date range to select.


River flow data: NSW Water Information
Hint: A useful gauge on the Manning River is '208004 Manning @ Killawarra'. Once on the page for the station select the 'Custom Outputs' tab to choose your date range. Several stations also measure turbidity (muddyness). These include 'Gloucester Doon Ayre', 'Nowendoc Rocks Xing', 'Barnard @ Barry', and 'Barnard Measure Weir'.

Water use:
Graph of water use vs number of customersSummer home water usewinter home water use

See also: Catchment information centre


Note that MidCoast Water has provided these links in good faith but takes no responsibility for their content.

Australian Water Education Toolkit
A searchable directory of water education resources.

Water: learn it for life - Queensland Government
A fantastic set of teaching and learning resources on the topic of water for all school years, aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Water Corporation of Western Australia
A huge range of water-based lesson plans searchable by year and subject, as well as interactive games, songs and posters.

NSW Waterwatch manuals
A step by step guide to investigating the health of your catchment, with worksheets and lesson plans. See also Waterwatch.

Stormwater teaching guide - NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
Lesson plans for learning about stormwater in your local area, with links to the NSW curriculum. Compliments the Waterwatch program.


Remember to check out our Primary school programHigh school program and Choose Tap at school, and if you would like assistance please email education@midcoastwater.com.au or call 1300 133 455.