Summer water saving program

MidCoast Water Services' summer water savers program applies throughout the Manning, Great Lakes and Gloucester areas.

It is a voluntary program which asks residents to be mindful of their water use during the day and aims to reduce the amount of water we use during the warmer months.

This program covers all water supply schemes in the MidCoast Council area and applies to households, businesses, parks, gardens and sporting fields.

The program's main message is simple - refrain from using sprinklers and hoses between 9am and 4pm during daylight saving months.

Supporting the summer water savers program not only helps water supplies, but it is also more effective for gardens.

Watering during the heat of the day is inefficient as the water evaporates before the plants have a chance to benefit - wasting water and money.

Here are our top 10 outdoor summer water saving tips:

Water saving tip #1: Don’t spray in the middle of the day If you have to water, do it before 9am or after 4pm. There will be much less water lost to evaporation, and it will also help your plants to grow stronger roots!Water saving tip #2: Use a watering can instead of a hose With a watering can you put the water exactly where it’s needed, plus there’s no spray driftWater saving tip #3: Cover your pool Smart Watermark approved pool covers reduce evaporation by a minimum of 80%Water saving tip #4: Put a trigger nozzle on your hose An easy way to stop water wastage as you walk between watering points and the tapWater saving tip #5: Use a broom, not a hose This is one of Whizzy the Waterdrop’s five water saving messages—every kid in our area knows that watering your driveway is a waste!Water saving tip #6: Mulch, mulch and more mulch Protect your soil from the damaging sun so it is better able to absorb water, and cut the amount of evaporation—reducing the need to water at all!Water saving tip #7: Let the sky do the work When choosing ornamental plants, select ones suitable for our natural amount of rainfall. Your local nursery staff will be able to help.Water saving tip #8: Install a rainwater tank If you know you will need to water, for example if you are growing annual vegetables, a rainwater tanks is a good way to go. Check out our website for information on rebates!Water saving tip #9: Love a longer lawn Longer grass equals longer roots to help get water into the soil, and the leaf blades shade the soil reducing evaporation, so less need for watering! This will also help stop weeds colonising. The upper-middle mower height setting will do.Water saving tip #10: Wait ‘till Autumn Summer is a tough time for a plant to get established, and they will need extra watering. It is often a good idea to wait until Autumn to do garden renovations and planting.