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Primary school program

MidCoast Water runs free sessions as both incursions and excursions with schools within our service region. 

We also offer resources, which can be accessed on the Resources for studentsResources for teachers, and Choose Tap at school pages.

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Whizzy the Waterdrop visits: early primary

Whizzy the waterdropWhizzy the Waterdrop loves to spread his water wise and Choose Tap message - and loves to visit our local primary schools. Whizzy and friends usually visit the primary schools in our region each year during October in celebration of National Water Week, but are also happy to make a special visit throughout the year. Expression of interest forms for term 4 visits are sent out in early term 3 each year.

For more information contact education@midcoastwater.com.au

Colouring in sheets and the Whizzy video of his five water saving tips can be found on the Preschool program page.




Catchment model visits: all ages

Catchment model 1Learn about how we fit into the water cycle and how human actions can lead to water pollution with the catchment model. This interactive model based on out local environment can visit your school for a session with one or multiple consecutive classes. In 2017 please contact MidCoast Council to book the model.

Learn more here: Catchment model


Water bug excursions: all ages

Go on an excursion to a body of fresh water where you can use our dip nets to discover what lives in the water. These bugs can also tell us a lot about the health of the ecosystem, it is great to interpret with the class what story the bugs are telling. Recommended locations are Cattai Wetlands at Coopernook and the Gloucester River at Gloucester District Park if there are no sites near you. The activity takes about one hour with enough gear for a maximum capacity of 30 children.

Learn more here: Waterwatch



Waterwatch: year 3+

Students use Waterwatch equipment to test water quality from a local water body. Waterwatch has been running across Australia since 1991. Ideally this activity will be conducted at your local stream; however water samples can also be collected for testing in the classroom. Students learn about the water quality parameters of temperature, pH, electrical conductivity; how to test them; and what they mean for the plants and animals living in the water. Borrow the equipment as well as instruction DVDs and manuals, including worksheets. The activity takes about one hour with a maximum capacity of 30 children.

Learn more here: Waterwatch


Let's learn about platypus: all ages

Borrow our platypus education kit to guide the students platypus study. It includes an interactive story of the catchment where children get to see what happens when more and more pollution gets added to the river. 

Learn more here: Platypus conservation



To book any of these activities email education@midcoastwater.com.au