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Platypus conservation

Platypus near Bundook by Scott McAdam

MidCoast Water has been helping platypus conservation through education since 2010. Platypus surveys which we commissioned as part of environmental flow research showed healthy populations in the lower Manning River. Their biggest threats in our region include loss of habitat through bank erosion, cattle access and clearing; use of illegal nets such as yabby traps; and predators such as foxes.

The Australian Platypus Concervancy is a great place to learn all about platypus, and some tips on how to spot them in the wild! You can record platypus sightings via the PlatypusSPOT smartphone app.

Borrow our education kit for your class to learn more about platypus. It includes:

  • An extended DVD of platypus footage
  • Platypus education kit (CD)
  • 'Platypus' book by Tom Grant, CSIRO Publishing
  • A platypus plush toy
  • 2 platypus hand puppets
  • Platypus finger pupped
  • Equipment for 'Puggle's Catchment Story', which includes a fish tank and containers for 'pollution', with instructions. Download A catchment story: Puggle's Manning River adventure

Schools can also borrow the platypus Museum In a Box from the Australian Museum, which has additional resources.

To book our kit contact education@midcoastwater.com.au

Are you concerned about platypus welfare?

Report illegal fishing to NSW Fisheries immediately - 24 hour Fishers Watch Phoneline 1800 043 536

FAWNA 24 hour injured wildlife hotline 6581 4141

Report illegal clearing and water pollution events to your local council