Our strategic direction

future directions coverFuture Directions 2037, our current strategic business plan, provides a complete picture of the issues, challenges and opportunities we predict will face MidCoast Water in the period to 2037.


The water industry, our community, and our business are in a state of continual change – and it is important we plan to ensure our future sustainability.


We know that new information and technologies will emerge, and that a range of possible climactic, political and social changes may occur.


To survive in this complex environment we need to be flexible and look outside our traditional roles.


This plan outlines MidCoast Water's commitment to sound, responsible and courageous civic leadership, our focus on the constant shift in technologies and strategies shaping the Australian water industry and our strategy to remain at the forefront of these changes.


The strategic business plan links directly with our four year delivery program and annual operational plan, and has been developed as a result of many hours of discussion and review with members of our community, local councils and other key industry stakeholders.


In planning for the next 25 years we have identified five key directions that will guide future activities and decisions:


  • Service quality and continuity
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Business health
  • Community leadership
  • Readiness for change


We believe our strategic direction offers the best pathway to safeguard and progress our community’s future.

Future Directions 2037 is available here

From time to time MidCoast Water makes submissions to various government and industry bodies, with the aim of improving the way in which water and sewerage services are delivered to communities. For more information see our submissions to government and industry