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Water supplies - Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System

The $34.9 million Nabiac inland dune aquifer water supply system project has been a long term goal for MidCoast Water, with designs already completed and work underway on preliminary construction activites on the site.

The Nabiac project will provide the community with several significant advantages, including a diversity of supply in the event of problems with the Manning water supply, additional capacity, lower pumping costs to Forster and Tuncurry. It will also reduce the demand on Bootawa Dam Water Treatment Plant.

The borefield is located, approximately 5km south-east of the Nabiac township. The plant will treat water extracted from the Nabiac aquifer at a maximum rate of 10 million litres per day.

The Nabiac system will help to reduce the volume of water extracted from the Manning River, which will be subject to stricter environmental flow rules in the near future.

The land the project is being developed on was the subject of an historic land partnership between MidCoast Water and the Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council.

MidCoast Water purchased 1600 hectares of the Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council land to be able to progress the project.

The land, was previously sandmined Crown land was was returned to the Aboriginal community as part of successful Aboriginal land claims by the Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council in the 1990s.

A significant part of the negotiated land dealing saw MidCoast Water bestow a perpetual right of cultural access to members of  the land council.

The project has three main components, the establishment of an extensive bore network, a water treatment plant approximately five kilometres south-east of the Nabiac township, and a pumping station at Darawank, next to the Lakes Way. Both the bore network and pumping station elements of the project have been completed.

A $9.8 million tender to construct the water treatment plant was awarded to Stirloch Pty Ltd in February 2017.


Funding support

The project is supported by an Australian Government allocation of $9.43 million under the National Stronger Regions Fund and a NSW Government allocation of $2.47 million under the Restart NSW program.


For more information

Contact Nabiac Dune Aquifer Water Supply Project Manager Mitchell Stace on 0427 947 705.