Choose Tap at school

Here are some resources to help you Choose Tap at school!

Preschool resources


Choose Tap early education book

Choose Tap clap clap song (mp3)

Choose Tap song lyrics

Choose Tap colouring sheet




Primary school resources

Choose Tap activity book - early primary

Choose Tap activity book - late primary

Choose Tap activity book answers

Choose Tap colouring sheet

Choose Tap stay healthy poster (primary)

Choose Tap wee colour chart (primary)




Water cycle poster labelled

Water cycle poster blank labels

Water cycle poster unlabelled



High school resources



Choose Tap stay healthy poster (secondary)

Choose Tap wee colour chart (secondary)






External links:

Choosing tap water over bottled water and sugary drinks is better for your health, the environment, and your hip pocket. Here are some additional resources dealing with these issues.


That Sugar Film: Explore the health impacts of sugary drinks and find resources for schools wanting to cut down on sugar consumption.

Take 3: Spreading awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans and inviting us to pick up three pieces of litter and come up with ways to stop pollution before it happens. They do visit this area for school presentations and activities.

Schools Clean Up Day: Litter clean up activities and curriculum-linked resources


It doesn't make sense to buy bottled water: Yarra Valley Water (YouTube link)

The Story of Bottled Water: From the US-based The Story of Stuff Project

What would happen if you didn't drink water?: TED-Ed

Choice articles:

Tap water vs bottled water

Spinning the bottle

Is bottled water worth the cost?


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