Best tasting water

2013 Winners NSW Best Tasting Water

2013 Winners State of Origin taste test

In 2013 MidCoast Water received the inaugural award for best trasting water at the WIOA (Water Industry Operators Association) state conference.

The competition saw a judging panel – comprising technical water experts and water industry connoisseurs - do a blind taste test of samples of water from across the State through a number of heats, before four samples were selected to compete in the grand finals, which was taken out by MidCoast Water’s Bootawa Water Treatment Plant.

MidCoast Water was then invited to represent NSW at the Queensland WIOA conference, where our water was pitted against the winner of Queensland's best tasting water, which happened to be on the same night as the first State of Origin match that year. The sample we submitted was taken from a household tap in Forster, and again it was judged as the best tasting water by an independent panel.