Tuncurry Recycled Water Scheme

Using recycled water on sporting fields and open spaces in Tuncurry was the result of a partnership project between MidCoast Water, Great Lakes Council, the NSW Environmental Trust and the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.


The Tuncurry Recycled Water Scheme involves further treating effluent from the Hallidays Point Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at a new Recycled Water Treatment Plant constructed in Grey Gum Road, Tuncurry.

The recycled water is used to irrigate the golf course, sports fields and open spaces in Tuncurry. Previously these areas used mainly groundwater for irrigation - along with a small amount of town water.

As well as reducing the extraction of groundwater for irrigation, the scheme provides us with a beneficial way of reusing treated effluent from the Hallidays Point STP.

The treated effluent from the Hallidays Point STP is pumped to a storage reservoir at the recycled water treatment plant. From here it receives further treatment, including membrane filtration and chlorination disinfection to ensure water meets the quality required for irrigation with unrestricted access under the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling.

The scheme is part of the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns Program and the Urban Sustainability Program.

The scheme involves the supply of recycled water to the fields at the North Tuncurry Sports Complex, the Tuncurry Cemetery, the Tuncurry Golf Course, the South Street fields, the Tuncurry Education Campus, and the Sporties entrance area.