Hawks Nest Recycled Water Scheme

The Hawks Nest Recycled Water Scheme sees treated water from the Hawks Nest Sewage Treatment Plant reused as irrigation on the nearby golf course, Myall Park and Providence Bay Park.

Previously MidCoast Water Services returned the treated water from the plant back to the water cycle through the sand dunes, however working with the golf course and other sites provides a beneficial use for the water and actively reduces the amount of groundwater extracted.

The scheme recycles more than 120 million litres of water reused each year, which is approximately 40 per cent of the total effluent treated at the Hawks Nest plant.

Irrigating with the treated water has also reduced the need for fertilisers at the golf course as trace nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous are present in the treated water.

The water produced by the Hawks Nest Recycled Water Scheme is fit for irrigation with unrestricted public access. The project received funding under the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns program. 

The project complies with Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and NSW EPA guidelines on recycling.

The beneficial reuse of treated water on golf courses has been taking place for some years, with Kew and Maitland Golf Courses examples of successful reuse projects.

For more details download our Hawks Nest Recycled Water Scheme fact sheet or the Information sheet for golfers at Hawks Nest Golf Club.