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Handy hints for plumbing work

Every year MidCoast Water carries out inspections on hundreds of homes to make sure plumbing complies with the State and National standards.

Although no-one likes to pay for inspections, they represent one of the best forms of protection for local consumers. Without them, your family's health and safety could be at risk. Issues to consider include:

Tempering valves:

Under the current requirements, tempering valves must be installed in all new homes and substantial renovation works.

Tempering valves limit the temperature of hot water delivered to the bathroom to 50 degrees Celsius. They are designed to prevent scalding particularly of young children and the aged. MidCoast Water inspections verify that this work has been carried out to standard.

Surcharge gullies

Surcharge (or yard) gullies are an important part of the sewerage system. Every home has a gully - usually a small round grate set in a cement slab just outside the building.

If the gully is at the wrong height, raw sewage can flow back into your bathroom or laundry. MidCoast Water checks gully heights as part of the inspection process.

Handy hints

Here are some general hints to consider when obtaining a quote for new plumbing work.

Always check that the person offering you a quote is a licensed plumber.

  1. If you receive a quote that is much cheaper than the others, check what it includes. Are you getting the same work that the others quoted on?

  2. Insist that all plumbing work has the required inspection, including the final inspection.