Contracts register

Under section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) we are required to publish on our website the details of any contracts we have entered into with private sector entities, with a value of $150,000 or more.

Details of such contracts are available below:

  • Contract 01/2014 Enterprise Business Management System - provision of system
  • Contract 02/2015 Upgrade or replace the existing geographical information system platform
  • Contract 04/2015 Bootawa Dam decommissioning 450 inlet main
  • Contract 20/2015 Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System - high voltage supply for borefield and water treatment plant
  • Contract 30/2015 Darawank Water Pump Station - construction of transfer pump station 2015
  • Contract 33/2015 Darawank Water Pump Station - supply of ductile iron cement lined (DICL) steel pressure pipes
  • Contract 40/2015 Design and construction of an agricultural solid set irrigation system 2015
  • Contract 04/2016 Provision of Sludge Lagoon Dewatering and Biosolids Removal
  • Contract 10/2016 Nabiac Water Treatment Plant
  • Contract 01/2017 Bootawa Dam Piezometer Monitoring System and Geotechnical Investigation
  • Contract 02/2017 Provision of Water Meter Replacement
  • Contract 03/2017 Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System - commissioning and handover
  • Contract 04/2017 Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System - SCADA and PLC
  • Contract 05/2017 Sewage and Recycled Treatment Plant Preventative Maintenance
  • Contract 06/2017 Darawank Pump Station Low Voltage Electrical
  • Contract 08/2017 Domestic Water Meter Replacement Program
  • Contract 09/2017 Procurement for Chemicals for use in Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

Below are listed expressions of interest that have closed and gone to the next stage of private tender: