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Catchment Model

This is a working model demonstrating how rain falling in the catchment makes its way into the rivers then to the ocean, and how the water can become contaminated along the way by different human activities. It shows us that if we make the right choices we can keep water quality good, and protect the places we love!

This model was co-commissioned by the former Great Lakes Council and MidCoast Water. Its design is loosly based on the landscape of the Wallis Lake catchment, including Forster and Tuncurry. It uses water which is pumped around the model powered by solar panel on its transport trailer, with food dye and clay for 'pollution'.

Catchment model 2The model is transported in a trailer and is available for group sessions with a trained staff member throughout the Manning, Great Lakes and Gloucester areas. Book your session by contacting MidCoast Council.

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