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Becoming a MidCoast Water contractor

MidCoast Water engages contractors to perform a range of services.

To be eligible to provide services under contract for MidCoast Water, an organisation must be pre-registered against a specific scope of works.

Registration as a MidCoast Water Contractor does not guarantee an organisation of being engaged to perform any work by MidCoast Water; it is a list of potential contractors that are available for our employees to select from when they require a contractor to perform a specific service.

For more information, download our Contractor Registration Pack which contains an explanation of the process of registering with MidCoast Water, the application form and the Contractors Registration Agreement.

The following documents may also be of assistance to contractors:

For more information about MidCoast Water's contractors program, contact our contractor program administrator Jennie Warren on 1300 133 455 or email contractoradmin@midcoastwater.com.au